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Low Cost Gear Manufacturing Solutions

Servicing customers with high-precision component parts locally while adding the capability to produce larger volumes of routine parts for the international market. We adopt the latest lean manufacturing methods with 5S facilities.

To meet the rising demand of our top quality custom gears, transmission components & precision gearboxes, Gibbs Gears have gone Global.

Gibbs Gears now has an exclusive partnership with  a AS9100 accredited precision gear supplier in India .

Today we are suppling to Tier 2 & OEM’s in the Uk and around the world with precision gears and splined shafts for A350 , A320 , 777X, C-Series programmes.

See case study of examples of integrated UK / India supply for the aerospace industry.

So why India?

  • Low Cost Production
  • Highly Educated Work Force
  • English Language Spoken
  • Established Aerospace Clusters
  • Domestic Offset Market 

As major gear manufacturers to the international Aerospace sector, we have much experience in manufacturing spur, bevel, internal & external splines, actuation gears & splined shafts to exact customer specification and at globally competitive prices. Our expertise doesn’t stop there, we also excel in the manufacture of cluster gears, pinions, planetary gears, engine cowl gears, flap & slat actuation, APU drive line gears, aircraft engine gears & shafts, reverse thruster splined shafts, straight bevel drive gears, aircraft seating gears & racks, to name but a few.

Contact Gibbs Gears today – Your global partner in low cost, forward thinking gear manufacturing solutions.

Excellent Value Partnership


  • Why Choose Gibbs
  • Over 60 years experience
  • High quality gears
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices
  • On time delivery